It’s not about death. It’s about living.

I’m the weird guy you’ve heard about who uses graveyards to motivate people to take action and live life fully.

There are some who wish for you to watch television rather than commune with nature. They want you to lose yourself in movies and books rather than experience life first hand. They want you to cultivate sarcasm rather than reverence and wonder for the world and people around you. In essence: they’ve sought to cut you from the miraculous and imprison you in the mundane.

It should be all about Romance, Enthusiasm, Hope and Prosperity. If it’s not you’re missing the oppotunity to have one hell of a life…

What’s that? You say you feel blocked? Confused? Lost? Then let’s sit down for awhile and talk about it. Tell me, where in your body do you feel that feeling….



  1. You’re blog was recommended to me by two people who I care deeply about. Your videos, especially. My problem is that I could not find your vids. I am no expert, and like you, I am a neophyte, blogging for less than one year.

    The truth is that you have found a great niche and you are very talented blogger and your work is more compelling than mine. If you need any help in improving your presentation, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll keep my mouth shut and continue to watch your work

    A fellow rookie.

    Greg Stock

    • Ahh, the videos. Yes, they’re becomeing quite popular, aren’t they–lol! But they are on a separate blog: http://gravestomper.blogspot.com/ Please do check them out. And thanks, Greg for your very kind words.

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